Long Island Has 5 Bloody Shark Attacks In Just 2 Weeks

Long Island sees fifth shark attack in two weeks after tourist bitten – New York Post

Long island has experienced 5 shark attacks in two short weeks on its beaches, leaving several people injured from the incidents.

A 41-year-old man was attacked by a sand tiger shark at Smith Point Beach in Long Island, New York. The man escaped by punching what he believed to be a four-foot-long sand tiger shark. Swimming was prohibited at the beach for more than five hours, but no sharks were ever spotted.

After punching the tiger shark, a wave broke beneath him that carried him to the shore. He escaped the attack with a bite injury on his calf from the shark.

A 49-year-old tourist was bitten by a shark while standing in waist-deep water on Fire Island Wednesday evening. He was able to walk out of the water and was flown to Stony Brook University Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

A lifeguard was bitten at Ocean Beach on July 7, and a swimmer suffered a cut foot at Jones Beach on June 30.

On Thursday, a shark was seen surfing at Robert Moses State Park on Fire Island and at Tobay Beach in Oyster Bay. There were no reported injuries.

Scientists say warming ocean temperatures and a resurgence of bunker fish are behind the increase in shark sightings off Long Island.

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