Man and 3 kids found fatally shot in parked car

NORCROSS, GA –  An alarming discovery was made when a man and three children were found fatally shot in a parked car. The man is believed to be the father of the children.

An officer conducting a routine patrol around 1 a.m. on Wednesday came across a car parked on a walking path within the park. When his calls elicited no response from the vehicle’s occupants, the police officer took a closer look, leading to the morbid discovery.

According to preliminary information, the adult male was found in the driver’s seat of the four-door vehicle. Accompanying him were three children, two girls and a boy, who are considered to be of elementary or middle school age.

Investigators have been able to track down the car’s registered owner and have a presumptive identification of the victims. Confirmation of the identities and relationships between the deceased individuals will await positive identification from the Medical Examiner.

In addressing this tragic incident, officers are compartmentalizing their emotions to focus on the task ahead- gathering information and evidence that could shed light on the cause and circumstances surrounding the deaths and provide closure to the grieving family members.

The Gwinnett County Police Department is encouraging anyone who has information related to the incident to reach out to them.