Man arrested for murder after living with roommate’s dead body for two months

A shocking discovery was made in a home located in the southwest valley, as a man had been living with his deceased roommate for over two months before her family found her. The family of Beverly Ma grew concerned when they hadn’t seen her since April and decided to check on her at her residence on Railroad River Avenue. It was there that they made the grim discovery. The roommate, identified as 31-year-old George Bone, informed Ma’s family that she was “gone and dead” and her body was inside a closet in her bedroom. Bone has since been arrested and charged with open murder.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, Beverly Ma had been living with her roommate, George Bone, at their shared residence. When Ma’s family arrived at the house, they called out for her, but she did not respond. Bone then emerged from another room and informed the family that Ma had passed away and her body was in the closet. Concerned, the family contacted the police, who requested to speak with Bone. He claimed that Ma had died from strangulation.

Upon further investigation, the police discovered inconsistencies in Bone’s account of the events. Evidence found in the closet contradicted his claim that Ma had taken her own life. Bone later admitted to police that he had found Ma dead in the closet in May, with a fabric belt around her neck. He confessed that he was afraid of going back to jail and decided to keep her body hidden. Bone also revealed that he had been using Ma’s name to order over 170 items from Amazon and had been texting her family members using her phone.

To limit the number of flies in the house, Bone set the air conditioning to 60 degrees. He even left a cooler by the closet, hoping it would alert him if Ma were to rise from the dead, as he claimed to have seen in a horror movie. The police report mentioned a 911 call made by Ma on May 4, where a man and a woman could be heard screaming at each other. When the police responded to the call, no one answered the door. Bone, who is a registered sex offender, has been charged with open murder and is currently in custody without bail.

As of Friday afternoon, the Clark County coroner’s office had not yet identified the deceased woman or determined the cause and manner of her death. Bone’s criminal history includes a previous conviction in 2013 for attempted lewdness with a child under 14, resulting in a two to eight-year prison sentence.