Man faces murder charges after his missing wife and daughter were found dead at home

A man from Wise County, Texas, is now facing capital murder charges. His wife, Kimberly Kellam, and their 11-year-old daughter had been missing for several months, according to worried family members.

The Wise County Sheriff’s Office received a call on Monday from a concerned relative, who reported that they hadn’t seen Kimberly or her daughter for several months. The family of four lived in a quiet corner off County Road 4371, near Decatur.

Sheriff Lane Akin and his team began to worry when they could not find any recent social media activity from Kimberly, and the latest photo of her older daughter dated back to Halloween.

Following up on these concerns, deputies visited the family home, but found it deserted. The next day, Kimberly’s husband, Robert Morairity, was located in Dallas by deputies, assisted by the Dallas police and the Texas Rangers.

Morairity, 45, was found with his other two children, aged 10 and 3. Investigators believe Morairity and these children had been living in hotels in Irving and Dallas. Initially, Morairity claimed to not have seen his wife or eldest daughter for six months. However, he eventually revealed to investigators that his wife and daughter had passed away, and their remains were concealed in the garage of their Wise County home.

At the scene, Morairity guided investigators to the bodies that were covered by blankets and clothes. Sheriff Akin expressed deep disappointment and sadness, wishing someone had informed the authorities sooner.

The authorities have charged Morairity with tampering with a corpse, murder, and capital murder. He is currently held in Wise County Jail, with his bond set at $800,000. His remaining children are now under the care of Child Protective Services, as Sheriff Akin confirmed that none of the children were enrolled in school.

The cause of Kimberly and her daughter’s death is yet to be established, and their bodies have been sent to the Dallas Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy.