Man gets jumped by witnesses after beating up his dog with a chain in public

DELTONA, Fla. – A distressing instance of animal cruelty unfolded in Deltona’s Circle K neighborhood, where a man assaulted his dog with a chain. The horrific act was captured on camera by stunned bystanders.

Raymon Prush, an onlooker present at the gruesome scene on Elkcam Boulevard and Lake Helen Osteen Road, intervened in the violent attack carried out by 31-year-old Jose Rivera.

Despite confronting Rivera as the latter continued to lash the pet with a chain, the violence did not cease. Prush commented on his own disbelief at Rivera’s actions, considering the bond he shares with his pet.

With the situation escalating, onlookers rushed forward to protect the battered pet from further mistreatment. Wading into Rivera’s tirade, Prush managed to disrupt the violent cycle but not without feeling Rivera’s aggression himself. Rewatching the footage, Prush reflected on the ordeal, sharing how he put himself in danger to prevent the scenario from worsening.

According to Volusia Sheriff’s Office reports, a group of nine concerned bystanders struggled to pacify an erratic Rivera, resulting in injuries to four, including Prush, before law enforcement officials landed on the scene.

Rivera, a repeat offender with a history of violent behavior towards others, is currently facing several charges for his horrific act of animal cruelty. A local judge has set his bond at $51,000, as disclosed in court records.

Attempting to make sense of the harrowing event, Prush mourned the brutality, emphasizing the innocence associated with pets. He expressed his inability to fathom the aggression unleashed on such a defenseless being, acknowledging the cherished bond pet owners typically share with their animals.

Law enforcement authorities confirmed that the assaulted dog suffered significant injuries, including multiple cuts. It has since received medical attention and is currently under the care of another person.