Man killed by neighbor in sword attack

Anthony Cunningham, a 63-year-old resident of an apartment complex, lost his life to a sword attack.

On a day off from work, Cunningham was busy sprucing up his apartment complex’s hallway when he was reportedly assaulted and killed by a neighbor.

The victim’s family is unsure of what could have provoked such a violent incident. Adding to their confusion, Cunningham was not familiar with the accused neighbor, 33-year-old Aaron Matthew Bynum.

The alleged assailant was ordered to be held without bail pending a mental health evaluation. The decision has raised concerns for Cunningham’s family, who worry this could be an initial move towards Bynum avoiding responsibility for the alleged unprovoked attack.

The incident came to light after witnesses discovered Bynum in an elevator of the Oakcrest Tower Apartments, standing over Cunningham’s lifeless body with a sword in hand, as per court documents. Responding officers reported that Bynum claimed divine instruction as the motivation for his actions.

In a shocking turn of events, Bynum later attacked a detective during his police station interview, declaring himself “the ultimate threat,” as detailed in Tuesday’s court testimony.

Bynum has no previous criminal history according to his public defense attorney.