Man killed by oncoming train after being pushed onto the tracks

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A fatal incident on a SEPTA station platform resulted in a man falling onto the tracks and being killed by an oncoming train. The man fell to his death after engaging in an altercation with an attacker. The alleged attacker, 40-year-old Chaz Wearing, was charged with involuntary manslaughter, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office disclosed on Friday.

Wearing, believed to be homeless and previously involved in a strangulation case in another county, is noted for his criminal history across multiple jurisdictions in Pennsylvania.

The confrontation occurred on Thursday, around 4:30 p.m. at the Market-Frankford line station at 34th and Market streets. Surveillance footage shows Wearing in a dispute with a 38-year-old male. According to reports, the older man maintained grip on Wearing amid their argument and was making threatening gestures.

Wearing managed to escape the hold, throwing two punches at his opponent. This action precipitated both men’s falls, with Wearing landing on the platform and the victim ending up on the tracks, where he was hit by a train shortly after.

Philadelphia Police Inspector Kpana Massaquoi described the incident as still under investigation: “Appeared to be some type of physical altercation. We don’t know exactly what took placeā€¦ to initiate this.”

Law enforcement apprehended Wearing at the 40th Street Station. The incident disrupted traffic at the 34th Street Station and surrounding vicinity, including near Drexel’s campus, for several hours. SEPTA service between 30th and 40th streets was temporarily arranged through buses.

As news spread, many expressed concerns and shock, with one passenger Jacob Davidson admitting, “It’s kind of scary that that kind of thing is happening around here. I thought it was pretty safe.”