Husband killed while trying to protect his wife during armed robbery

CHICAGO, IL – A well-known figure in the Chicago hip-hop community, Keltule Meeks, 48, tragically lost his life in an attempted robbery outside his Humboldt Park residence on Tuesday morning. Meeks, also known by his stage name Rus T Blade, was a beloved TV host for the popular music program Urban Grind TV and a respected figure in the local hip hop scene.

The incident, which was captured on home surveillance cameras, unfolded as a white Kia sped down the street before pulling into an alleyway near Meeks’ home. A suspect emerged from the passenger side of the vehicle, brandishing a firearm and advancing towards Meeks and his wife. Shortly after, a second suspect, clad in a dark hooded top, joined the scene. The footage ends before the fatal shot was fired.

Meeks is survived by his wife, two daughters, and a grandson. John Daniel, a close friend and director at Urban Grind TV, remembered Meeks as ‘one of the greatest people ever’. He added that Meeks’ protective nature was one of his defining traits, especially when it came to his family.

The Chicago Police Department has yet to make any arrests related to the fatal shooting. This deadly incident adds to the growing list of crimes in the city, which has seen a significant increase in robberies and car-jackings over the past year.

The city’s mayor, Brandon Johnson, has faced criticism for his perceived leniency towards crime. Despite supporting the Defund the Police movement in the past, Johnson’s latest budget projection maintains police funding with a modest 2.9% increase. This comes amidst rising crime rates and over 1,000 vacancies within the police department.

The city’s crime rates have surged by nearly a third as of September, compared to the same period in 2022. Motor vehicle thefts have almost doubled, and robberies have seen a near 25% increase. Despite the escalating crime situation, Johnson has been criticized for his sympathetic stance towards teenagers involved in a violent inner-city event in April.