Man murders his grandma with a hammer, calls cleaning lady to clean up ‘real mess’

In a shocking development in Naples, Florida, a man stands accused of the brutal murder of his elderly grandmother and the assault of his grandfather. The suspect, 34-year-old Anthony Michael Corrado, was captured following a chilling chain of events. Law enforcement officers attributed their timely arrival on the scene to the housekeeper’s quick thinking and courage.

Police reports suggest that Corrado brutally assaulted his 82-year-old grandmother with a hammer within the confines of their home in a local gated community. The suspect already had a history of violent behavior and had only been released from prison the previous year. Further complicating the family’s history was an existing protective order against Corrado obtained by his grandmother due to his prior violent acts.

After allegedly attacking his grandma, Corrado called in the housekeeper under the pretense of tidying up a “real mess.” The housekeeper arrived to a gruesome sight: a home splattered with blood, leading to a bedroom where the elderly woman’s lifeless body lay concealed beneath a tarp.

In a chilling demand, Corrado requested the housekeeper’s assistance in removing the body from the premises. As she tried to reason with him and urged him to notify the authorities, he reportedly refused, expressing a fear of returning to prison.

Feigning a need to fetch cleaning supplies from her vehicle, the housekeeper escaped the horrifying scene. She managed to alert a passing Collier County Sheriffs’ deputy. Meanwhile, upon returning home from a grocery run, Corrado’s grandfather fell victim to a secondary wave of violence. He was found wrapped in a blanket and suffering from severe head injuries, but is expected to recover.

Law enforcement officials arrived at the scene to discover a blood-soaked hammer on the kitchen countertop and traces of the violent encounter smeared across the home. Corrado was found outside the residence, his clothing and body visibly stained with blood. His refusal to engage in conversation with the officers led to his subsequent arrest.

The accused has been formally charged with second-degree murder and aggravated battery on a person over the age of 65. As investigators continue to piece together the gruesome details, the motives behind this horrifying act of domestic violence remain unclear.