Man Paid $450,000 for Surprise Birthday Celebration Held By His Employer

Birthday Party - Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

Man told employer not to celebrate his birthday. He was awarded $450,000 after unwanted party. – NBC News

Kevin Berling, who regularly suffers panic attacks, asked his employer not to throw him a birthday party because it would trigger a panic attack.  Against his wishes, his employer threw one anyway, and Kevin Berling quickly had a panic attack requiring him to flee the office and retreat to his car. He angrily texted the manager for doing this against his wishes.

The next day Kevin was called to a meeting at the office, where he was confronted about the incident, and the confrontation triggered another panic attack.  A few days later, he was terminated from employment.

On March 31, a jury awarded him $450,000.  The jury discovered that Berling suffered an “adverse employment action” due to his anxiety disability.  What would you do with a $450,000 birthday surprise?

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