Man shoots girlfriend to death in disturbing murder-suicide

BROOKLYN, NY – A murder-suicide took place in a Brooklyn neighborhood, where a man took the life of his girlfriend before ending his own in an alarming incident that was witnessed by his own mother. The horrifying act took place within their shared Brooklyn apartment, according to local police reports.

The couple, identified as Teddy Knight, 35, and Tanezia Blockwood, 29, had a heated argument just hours before the fatal incident, the man’s mother, Norma Knight, confirmed. She recalls the couple having a verbal altercation during the previous night, which culminated in a violent confrontation the following morning.

Reportedly, Teddy Knight physically assaulted his girlfriend in the bathroom before he shot her. He proceeded to stomp on her face after shooting her in a disturbing act of violence. Afterward, he then committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound. Both victims were found by police with fatal wounds and were later pronounced dead at the scene.

The murder-suicide was particularly shocking as it took place in the presence of their two young children, a 2-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl, who were swiftly taken away from the horrific scene. Norma Knight was transported to a nearby hospital for necessary observation following the traumatic incident.

Blockwood had recently completed her nursing degree and held a position at a local hospital. Known for her gentleness and quiet nature, she was planning to separate from her partner and move out with their children soon. Knight, according to desertions, was a controlling boyfriend.

Blockwood was a well-respected figure in her neighborhood and was mourned by her family, friends, and neighbors, who were all still absorbing the shock of the occurrence. Blockwood’s aunt affirmed that the couple had long-standing issues and Knight seemed overly possessive about his partner.