Man shoots wife seven times in front of children while on their way to get family photos

DEARBORN, IN – A man in Indiana who is facing multiple charges, including murder and neglect of a dependent, told authorities that he fired seven shots at his wife, killing her in front of their two children, insisting it was to “neutralize a threat”.

The suspect, identified as 45-year-old Mohammed Mondal, called 911 on Monday claiming he had “accidentally” shot his wife. According to a probable cause affidavit, he quickly shifted his narrative. He asserted that he had shot the mother of five, Stacy Mondal, in “self-defense”. The authorities took him into custody and he is currently held at Dearborn Law Enforcement Center without bond.

The affidavit detailed that Mondal sounded troubled during his 911 call. The responding sergeant from the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department, upon hearing Mondal’s revelation, asked him to provide his location. The couple and their two young children were en route to a family photoshoot at JCPenney when the incident occurred.

Deputies followed Mondal’s vehicle to a nearby hospital in St. Elizabeth Dearborn on the border of Ohio. In the parking lot, they found Stacy Mondal in the car, covered in blood and leaning towards the vehicle’s center console. She was pronounced dead at 12:11 p.m.

During follow-up interviews, Mondal insisted his actions had been in self-defense, alleging his wife reached for a gun amid a heated argument about suspected affairs. He also claimed to be followed by his father-in-law and neighbors he believed had been involved with Stacy.

Detectives found no evidence supporting Mondal’s accusations of Stacy’s infidelity, nor did they find evidence of Stacy firing a shot during the argument. Meanwhile, Stacy’s family is focusing on supporting her five children and expressing gratitude for the community’s compassion.