Man shot and killed by stray bullet while watching tv

LOUISVILLE, KY – Relatives of the man fatally wounded in a residential shooting in the California neighborhood of Louisville earlier this week recounted his last moments. He was relaxing at home, watching television when unsuspected gunfire shattered the tranquility, ending his life. The horrific incident occurred Wednesday evening at a residence on Grand Avenue.

76-year-old Caswell DeBerry IV, the victim’s uncle, explained the terror of that fateful night. Using the bullet holes marking his front door as evidence, he suspected it was a high-powered rifle that penetrated their home, slaughtering their beloved family member.

DeBerry recounted that he was in the rear of the house when disaster struck, claiming the life of his 52-year-old nephew, Robert William Crosson Jr. Crosson had been chilling in the living room, leisurely watching a basketball game and enjoying a pizza with a companion when a bullet snatched away his life.

Remembering the intense sounds of gunfire, DeBerry rushed to the front of the house. Uncertain what had just transpired, he found Crosson shot in the head and chest, fatally wounded. The Louisville Metro Police Department, responding to the scene, confirmed the victim was pronounced dead.

DeBerry speculates that the fatal shooting might have been a horrendous accident. He suspects that errant gunshots from a nearby park inadvertently found their way to their home. He recalls a police officer describing the incident as a case of random gunfire, possibly from someone firing indiscriminately.

Despite the investigation, no suspects have been apprehended in connection with the incident thus far. The shooting marks one more death in a deadly month for Louisville, as the city has recorded 21 homicides in May, according to Metro Police.