Man shot outside of Whole Foods grocery store

CHICAGO, IL – A territorial dispute near a popular grocery store in Streeterville turned violent last Friday, resulting in a non-fatal shooting of a 50-year-old man. The individual was engaged in a confrontation near Whole Foods located at 255 E. Grand Ave when the incident occurred around 8:30 a.m., according to statements by Larry Langford from the Chicago Fire Department and the Chicago Police Department.

The victim of the gunfire was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with a shoulder gunshot wound. He was reportedly in stable condition when he was admitted to the hospital.

According to witnesses at a nearby construction site, the man involved in the shooting had been accusing the workers of stealing his jumper pack and persistently threatening them with violence. Upon seeing another altercation unfold involving the accused individual, a construction worker promptly placed a distress call to the Chicago Police Department to ask for help.

Marcus Simonini, one of the construction workers, recounted the man’s frantic and sporadic behavior preceding the gunshots. He reported the man fled from the scene of the shooting soon after it took place.

While the shooter remains at large, the police have reportedly managed to recover a weapon related to the incident.