Man shot to death inside movie theater lobby

MASSILLON, OH – Late Friday evening, a shooting incident at an Ohio movie theatre led to the death of one individual, as confirmed by local law enforcement.

The Massillon Police Department was alerted to the unfortunate occurrence at Regal Cinemas, located at 175 Cherry Road NW in Massillon, around 11 p.m. Responding officers arrived on the scene to find a deceased man near the theatre’s front lobby.

The victim was identified as Daron Davis, a 27-year-old from Canton, Ohio.

Not long after the incident occurred, a suspect was apprehended just outside the Massillon Police Department at about 11:30 p.m. While the suspect’s identity remains undisclosed at this time, police have confirmed their involvement in the matter. An ongoing investigation into the case is expected to offer more details shortly.

Regal Cinemas reiterated its stance on prioritizing the protection of its clients and staff members, citing an admittance policy on its website. The policy includes restrictions on face-obscuring items and prop weapons.

Historically, the U.S. has seen a series of movie theater shootings, including a deadly seating dispute in Albuquerque in 2023, a cellphone controversy that escalated into a shooting in a Florida theatre in 2014, and the unforgettable tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012 that claimed 12 lives.