Man stabbed to death by his coworker at winery

CHICAGO, IL – City Winery in Chicago witnessed the fatal stabbing of a 47-year-old man after a fight on Wednesday evening. As per reports from the Chicago Police, a 41-year-old man assaulted the victim, stabbing him in the chest and back at the popular local restaurant and entertainment spot around 5 pm. According to sources, both the men involved were coworkers.

The specifics concerning the location of the incident, either inside or outside the venue, were not immediately clear, but the ensuing chaos led to the cancellation of all planned activities for the night, and attendees were denied entry.

The evening’s itinerary included a non-profit fundraiser event and a performance by local artist Danny Boy Steward, known as Danny Boy. Steward was rehearsing at the venue at the time of the incident. He recalled interacting with the victim shortly before the occurrence, regretting the tarnishing of shared spaces by violent incidents.

Cathleen Himes, who joined her friends from the suburbs to attend the fundraiser, recounted her shocking encounter with the crime scene swarming with police cars. Authorities have not yet clarified what triggered the altercation that resulted in the fatal stabbing.

Reflecting on the tragedy that disrupted their neighborhood, Himes said, “Sad that this happens right in our neighborhood, you know?” Sharing her sentiments, Steward expressed his prayers for the aggrieved families.

The Chicago Police Department confirmed the arrest of the accused. The stabbing continues to be under investigation by the Belmont Area detectives.