Man stabs his mother to death in brutal attack

BROOKLYN, NY – Vladislav Deshkovich, a 30-year-old political volunteer in Brooklyn, has been accused of killing his mother in a brutal assault where she was stabbed ten times, including three in the face, during an altercation, stated prosecutors in court on Saturday. Despite this, Deshkovich claimed to authorities that he merely “punched” his mother.

According to a criminal complaint, the victim, 52-year-old Inna Deshkovich, was discovered in her Bay Ridge apartment lying lifeless in a pool of blood. Her son was officially charged with second-degree murder and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon during his Saturday arraignment, with an application for bail denied due to receiving such severe charges.

“He went to his mother’s apartment and stabbed her approximately seven times in the neck and the shoulder and three times in the face,” shared Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Jordan Rossman during the short hearing at Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Following the alleged crime, Deshkovich was reportedly apprehended roughly four hours later near his apartment. Despite his initial claim of having hit his mother, he requested legal representation when confronted with her photo.

Deshkovich’s defense attorney, Edward Daniels, applied for bail, highlighting his client’s limited previous interaction with the criminal justice system. However, Judge Archana Rao denied the request, considering the allegations to be severe. However, she did approve protective custody and a psychological evaluation for Deshkovich as requested by his lawyer.

Interestingly, Deshkovich had demonstrated political ambitions via his social media accounts, including possible plans to contest for state Senate. He had volunteered for City Councilman Ari Kagan of Brooklyn, though Kagan clarified that their interactions were limited.

A neighbor reported that Deshkovich’s girlfriend overheard Inna Deshkovich’s screams during the dispute. Frequent arguments between the mother and son were a familiar occurrence in the neighborhood.
The nature of the dispute, according to a local resident who knocked on the door amidst the argument, was financial, with Deshkovich allegedly stating that his mother was unconscious.

Deshkovich’s next court appearance is slated for Dec. 7.