Manhunt underway after shooter killed 3 people in property dispute

WESTVILLE, CO – A deadly shooting, spurred by a property disagreement in Westville, Colorado, has turned into a manhunt for the accused culprit. According to authorities, Hanme K. Clark, a 45-year-old male, attacked four individuals, with his gunfire leaving three people dead and critically injuring the fourth.

The shooting occurred on Monday in a wooded area off Rocky Ridge Road, which lies on the outskirts of Westville. The Custer County Sheriff’s Department identified two men and one woman among the deceased. The fourth victim, a woman airlifted to a hospital in Colorado Springs, is expected to make a recovery after sustaining severe chest injuries.

Although Clark’s actions caught the police’s attention, a property dispute he was part of with at least one victim was already on the radar. Police stated that a land surveyor was at the location when the shooting occurred but luckily escaped without any harm.

The hunt is in full swing for Clark, believed to be traveling in a white Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck, peppered with Colorado license plate BHLK27. Standing 6’3″ tall and weighing around 200 pounds, Clark currently has a female companion with him, according to police inputs. Due to his unpredictable and violent nature, police have cautioned the public against approaching Clark, and instead encouraged them to report any sightings or information to the police.

For residents in the area around Salida, a shelter-in-place order is in effect while the search continues. Adjustments are also in place where local schools are concerned, with school bus services currently not stopping in affected areas.