Marine arrested for mass shooting threats

TRENTON, NJ – A Marine from Trenton, New Jersey, has been taken into custody for allegedly threatening to conduct a mass shooting against white people. Joshua Cobb, 23, was arrested and charged with the transmission of threats in interstate and foreign commerce after his unsettling online posts drew attention from law enforcement.

Cobb’s social media posts revealed his intent to become a serial killer, followed by threats to the white community. Court documents associated with his case confirm Cobb had been researching potential locations for his planned mass shooting, including a local gym and the Aldi grocery store in Robbinsville. His phone reportedly contained notes on smuggling firearms into New Jersey.

U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger declared the arrest, noting Cobb’s history with the U.S. Marine Corps, which he joined in 2023. He began his basic training in June of that year and was stationed in California until his recent discharge.

On December 17, 2022, Cobb’s social media post detailed his methodically planned future attack, focusing on acquiring weapons and ammunition and planning entry and exit points. He justified his targets based on racial lines, citing his struggles as a black male and a desire to target white individuals whom he alleged would never understand his struggles.

Cobb’s posts disclosed his intentions to time his attack near a significant holiday and emphasized that he had been preparing for this act in New Jersey, set for 2023.