Mass shooter found dead inside his jail cell

SACRAMENTO, CA – A man held in custody at the Sacramento County Main Jail in California died in his cell on Saturday, according to authorities and his defense attorney. The 29-year-old was facing charges related to a mass shooting that occurred in California’s capital city in 2022.

An unresponsive Martin was discovered by jail deputies performing their routine cell check, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office disclosed. Despite attempts from deputies and fire department personnel to revive Martin, he was ultimately pronounced dead.

The late Smiley Martin, as confirmed by his attorney, Norman Dawson, was in the middle of contesting three felony charges. Accusations against Martin emanated from an April 3, 2022, incident that included a shooting in Sacramento that led to six fatalities and caused injury to another twelve individuals, including suspected shooters.

The frantic scene unfolded in the early hours of the morning, next to the state Capitol building around 2 a.m. Two rival gang-associated male groups reportedly sparked the shootout as bars and clubs started to shut down for the day. The panic incited by over a hundred rapid-succession shots had hundreds fleeing for their safety.

Martin, then 27 years old, was nabbed by officials while hospitalized for gunshot wounds. He was charged with felony counts, including murder, possession of a firearm by a felon, as well as the possession and transport of a machine gun.

Authorities apprehended his brother, Dandrae Martin, labeling him a ‘related suspect’ to the case. Charges against Dandrae included assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a loaded gun as a convicted felon. He was reportedly livestreaming himself with a handgun hours before the shooting incident occurred.

A third person, Mtula Payton, was also charged concerning the shooting. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office has embarked on an investigation into Smiley’s death, while the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office is tasked with determining the cause of death.