Mass shooting after NBA championship game leaves 9 injured

A celebratory night turned to one of horror as nine people, including the alleged suspect, were injured in a shooting incident near Denver’s Ball Arena. The tragedy unfolded in the early hours of Tuesday, as the jubilations following Denver Nuggets’ inaugural NBA championship began to subside.

Police reported that three of the victims are critically injured. The remaining six individuals, encompassing the suspected perpetrator, are believed to be in stable condition with non-threatening injuries.

The distressing event took place on Market Street, within proximity of the arena that witnessed the Denver Nuggets’ triumphant win in Game 5 of the NBA finals. The victory was a landmark moment, marking the Nuggets’ first-ever NBA championship.

Following the historic win, a massive number of fans spilled onto the streets in celebration. CBS Colorado reported that the area surrounding the arena was filled with exhilarated fans reveling in the team’s success.

According to the Denver police, the shooting was believed to be the result of an altercation among several people. The violence erupted approximately three and a half hours after the game ended. At this point, the number of spectators had significantly decreased, although a substantial crowd was still present when the shots were fired.

Denver police spokesperson Doug Schepman reported that the suspect was swiftly identified and apprehended without any further incidents. Schepman confirmed that the investigation is ongoing as they seek to unravel the full details of the incident and understand what triggered this violent act during a night of sports victory and public celebration.