Mass shooting at grocery store leaves 3 dead, 10 injured

FORDYCE, AR – Three individuals lost their lives, and an additional ten were reported injured after a mass shooting occurred outside a grocery store in Fordyce, Arkansas, as reported by the state police. It was disclosed at an official press briefing that two of the injured were on-duty law enforcement officers who were not facing life-threatening conditions.

Arkansas State Police squads reached the Mad Butcher grocery store past 11:30 a.m. local time on this fatal Friday. As law enforcement reached the venue, they encountered an armed suspect who began firing at officers. In response, the officers also fired their weapons.

Investigations revealed a shocking video showing an armed individual in the parking lot actively returning fire aimed at him by the officers. Mike Hagar, the Director of Arkansas Department of Public Safety confirmed in a public statement that injuries among the eight civilian victims ranged from minor to critically severe.

The shooter was identified as Travis Eugene Posey, 44, hailing from New Edinburg, Arkansas. He was nursed at a hospital for non-fatal injuries sustained during the exchange of gunfire with the police officers, after which he was arrested. Currently in the custody of state police, Posey is facing three charges of capital murder.

One witness, David Rodriguez, was present at a nearby gas station when the shooting started, thinking initially that the sounds were of fireworks. He was shocked as he saw police vehicles rushing to the scene and terrified individuals running all over.

Another witness, Ken Vanderzwalm, who works in a lawn mower supply store situated three stores down from the grocery store, provided shelter to several panicked individuals rushing into the store for safety.