Mass shooting at party leaves 4 dead, 11 targeted

KING CITY, CA – Tragedy unfolded in King City on the evening of Sunday when an alleged shooting erupted during a suspected birthday party, resulting in mass causalities. The assault reportedly ended with four dead and seven injured out of a total of eleven people targeted.

The scene of the deadly shooting was N 2nd Street, near the intersection of Lynn Street, where local law enforcement discovered the mortal victims. Authorities have yet to fully identify the victims but do confirm they were all adults, including one woman and three men. The injured survivors include three persons who were rushed to Natividad.

The sequence of events, as recalled by Police Chief James Hunt, portrays a haunting scene where three individuals donned in dark attires and masks alighted from a vehicle stationed near a residence and instantly initiated the gunfire.

Investigators soon reported the discovery of three lifeless adult males in the front yard of the house while a female victim initially rushed to the Mee Memorial Hospital, failed to overcome her injuries. King City Police relayed that the remaining casualties received immediate medical attention at the Natividad Medical Center.

Police have launched a search for a silver Kia car potentially linked to the catastrophic event. Although new leads maintain that a birthday celebration was taking place at this location around 6 p.m., official confirmation remains pending.

In a bulletin released on social media, King City law enforcement declared the murderers, who remain unidentified, as not only armed but also exceptionally dangerous.

This devastating crime has employed multiple law enforcement agencies in a massive response operation.