Mass shooting during Halloween party kills teen, 9 more injured

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – A horrifying mass shooting at a Halloween party in Indianapolis left a teenage girl dead and nine others injured. The tragic incident unfolded around midnight on Sunday when police responded to reports of a large gathering on the city’s north side. When they got to the scene, officers were met with gunfire. This violent exchange caused a chaotic scene as a large crowd sought cover.

Ten individuals were discovered with gunshot wounds at the scene, including a teenage girl who was pronounced dead. Her identity and age have yet to be disclosed, adding to the anguish of the situation. The other nine victims, aged between 16 and 21, sustained injuries, although their current conditions remain undisclosed. Multiple firearms were recovered from the scene, but as of Monday morning, no suspects were in custody.

Among the injured victims was the 16-year-old grandson of Chicago community activist Andrew Holmes. The teenager suffered from a gunshot wound to the leg, resulting in a broken bone and ruptured vein. Holmes revealed that his grandson is a football player at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis and had been attending a Halloween party with teammates when the shooting occurred. Holmes expressed the difficult decision he had made to allow his grandson to attend the party, emphasizing that the tragic outcome was not the teenager’s fault.

This is not the first time that Holmes has been touched by gun violence in Indianapolis. In 2015, Andrew Holmes’ daughter, Tamara Sword, fell victim to a shooting that remains unsolved. The painful coincidence is that Holmes’ grandson is currently being treated at the same hospital where his daughter had been taken after her own shooting.

The family remains hopeful for the teenager’s recovery, despite the uncertainties surrounding his condition, surgery, and potential vein repair.