Mass shooting in California leaves nine wounded

In a shocking burst of violence, a San Francisco neighborhood became the site of a disturbing shooting on Friday. The attack in the Mission District left nine individuals wounded. Police believe that this shooting was targeted.

According to local law enforcement, the incident occurred during what appeared to be a local block party. Despite the severity of the incident, the San Francisco Police Department offered some solace, confirming that all victims are anticipated to pull through.

Santiago Lerma, an aide to a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, provided further updates on the victims’ conditions. Five of the wounded individuals required hospitalization, with one undergoing surgery as of Friday night. Meanwhile, four others received treatment for less severe injuries.

The local police were alerted to the situation in the Mission District around 9 p.m. local time. Upon arrival, they discovered multiple victims suffering gunshot wounds. Medical assistance was promptly summoned to attend to the injured and facilitate their transport to nearby hospitals.

Authorities have yet to announce any arrests in relation to the incident, leaving an air of uncertainty over the neighborhood.