Minivan pursuit ends in deadly crash

LOS ANGELES, CA – A harrowing incident unfolded in Los Angeles early Sunday morning as a police pursuit of a minivan culminated in a fatal collision with a bus, resulting in the deaths of two individuals. LAPD officials confirmed during a press conference that the pursuit commenced after officers observed one of the minivan’s occupants discarding a firearm from the vehicle near the intersection of Central Avenue and the 10 Freeway at approximately 5 a.m. on Sunday.

The police initiated the pursuit, which lasted only one to two minutes before being terminated due to the tragic collision between the minivan and the bus. Tragically, one of the minivan’s passengers was pronounced dead at the scene, while another passenger succumbed to injuries upon reaching a nearby hospital. Two additional occupants, including the van’s driver, sustained injuries categorized as non-life-threatening and were transported to a local hospital. All four passengers were identified as males.

The bus, which was occupied by the bus driver and two passengers, remained unharmed during the collision, as confirmed by authorities during Sunday’s press conference.

Notably, the firearm discarded from the minivan was successfully recovered by law enforcement. While reports circulated about a temporary shutdown of the 10 Freeway near Main Street, LAPD officials were unable to confirm the duration of the closure and emphasized that, if it had occurred, it was brief in nature.

As investigations into the incident continue, Los Angeles grapples with the aftermath of this tragic collision.