Missing ER doctor found dead in another state

The body of a missing emergency room doctor was discovered about 60 miles southwest in Arkansas on Tuesday, ending an over a week-long search.

Dr. John Forsyth, 49, was last seen on the morning of May 21 before failing to report for duty at the Mercy Hospital in Cassville, Missouri. His uncharacteristic absence from work raised immediate alarm among his colleagues and family.

On Tuesday, Arkansas’ Benton County Sheriff’s Department reported a body found within their jurisdiction. An official identification and autopsy remain in progress. However, the Forsyth family has reportedly been informed that Dr. Forsyth’s body had been found on Tuesday night. The Benton County Arkansas Sheriff’s Department has yet to release a statement regarding the discovery.

According to The Daily Beast, Dr. Forsyth last communicated with his fiancée upon leaving the hospital. The growing concern over his whereabouts escalated when he didn’t return for his afternoon shift. Richard Forsyth, Dr. Forsyth’s brother, described the doctor as exceptionally dedicated to his work, such that even severe discomfort wouldn’t deter him from his duties.

The doctor’s car was subsequently discovered at a local aquatic park in Cassville. The doors were unlocked and his wallet, two mobile phones, and a laptop were left inside. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance seemed unplanned.

In a bid to locate the missing doctor, multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Missouri State Highway Patrol, coordinated extensive searches within a 9-mile radius around the park. This effort utilized both canine units and drones.

The Forsyth family took to social media, appealing for information and spreading the news of Dr. Forsyth’s disappearance.