Missing man’s body found dismembered inside of a barrel of concrete

A man from North Carolina who had been missing for over one month was discovered to be dismembered, with his body parts placed inside of a barrel filled with concrete, according to authorities.

On Jan. 26, police officers conducted a second day of search in a Sanford home. During the investigation, a horrifying discovery was made that was later announced in a press release from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators located a 55-gallon drum in a forested area that contained a combination of cement and what was thought to be human remains.

The remains that were sent to the North Carolina State Medical Examiner’s Office have been identified as Michael Bradley Cox, who was reported missing on Jan. 5, as reported by authorities.

The deceased man, age 40, had been missing since Christmas Eve according to a statement made by the sheriff’s office.

Subsequent to their investigation, authorities accused Jackie Lamar Bright, the inhabitant of the residence that was under investigation, with homicide.

The motive for the suspected murder has not been released. Bright is still being held by the North Carolina Department of Corrections.