Missing pregnant teen and boyfriend found dead

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A pregnant teenager and her boyfriend, both of whom had been missing, were presumably found dead on Tuesday in a vehicle in San Antonio. Savanah Nicole Soto, 18, had been out of sight since last Friday, sparking a statewide search.

The bodies, discovered in an automobile belonging to Soto’s boyfriend, are believed to have been there for several days. Though the identities are yet to be formally confirmed by the medical examiner, they are thought to be those of Soto and her boyfriend, following preliminary investigations.

As per Police Chief Bill McManus, detectives are currently leaning towards the scenario of a potential murder, but nothing is confirmed yet. The question of whether the female victim was pregnant will also need a determination from the medical examiner.

The vehicle was found in the northwestern region of San Antonio. Details surrounding who made the initial discovery remain unclear.

Soto, noticeable by her absence since the previous Friday in Leon Valley, led to a CLEAR Alert issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The alert, typically issued for those considered to be in extreme danger or with involuntary disappearances, raised concerns about Soto’s well-being.

Soto’s overdue expected delivery date and her failure to show up for an important medical appointment had her family worried about her and her unborn child’s safety. According to Soto’s mother, Gloria Cordova, Soto had been scheduled for a medical induction on Saturday.

Soto’s sudden disappearance appeared more concerning considering her readiness to welcome her baby, as her home was fully prepared for the new arrival. The already grieving family, reeling from the loss of Soto’s 15-year-old brother Ethan, who was shot dead, found coping with Soto’s disappearance a daunting task.

While the search was ongoing, Cordova also expressed worry about the whereabouts of her baby’s father. The Leon Valley Police Department stated it was actively looking into Soto’s disappearance and welcomed any additional witnesses or useful information.