MMA Fighter Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend to Death

An MMA fighter has been arrested in connection with the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend, Irene Torres. Dwayne Herelle, Jr. is accused of stabbing Torres to death outside her family’s home on January 28th. According to the Nashville Police Department, Herelle then placed Torres’ body inside a storage bin and concealed her remains in his apartment closet.

During a court hearing, Nashville Police Detective Derry Baltimore stated that Torres had returned home from work when she and Herelle got into an argument that turned violent. He allegedly stabbed her over 17 times before placing her in the trunk of his car. Despite exhibiting defensive wounds, Torres could not survive the brutal attack.

After the fatal incident, Herelle allegedly disposed of Torres’ bloody pants and purse in a dumpster behind a grocery store. However, he hid her remains in the closet of his apartment in Bellevue, Tennessee.

Police discovered the body after Torres’ parents reviewed their home security footage and saw Herelle drag their daughter away. When Torres’ father confronted Herelle, he claimed that his daughter was at a downtown hotel. During their trip to the hotel, Herelle reportedly confessed to fatally stabbing Torres and revealed that he still had her body in his apartment.

Authorities have charged Herelle with murder, and he is being held without bond. It is unclear if he has retained an attorney or entered a plea to the charge.

A GoFundMe page organized by Torres’ sister revealed that she “had suffered months of physical and emotional abuse during her relationship with Dwayne.” The page stated that she made the brave decision to escape on December 29th, but tragically, one month later, she was hunted down in her front yard and brutally murdered.