Mom accused of killing 6-year-old daughter arrested while running naked

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A shocking scene unfolded at an apartment complex in San Antonio when police arrived on a disturbance call. A Texas mother, Nephiterea Sancho, 36, was discovered running naked around the scene of the crime. She was taken into custody amid the discovery of her 6-year-old daughter’s deceased body. The girl has been identified as Hosanna Sancho, according to local authorities.

Sancho has since been charged with capital murder in connection with her daughter’s death. Hosanna was found unresponsive with traumatic injury to her upper body. However, the exact cause of the young child’s untimely death remains undisclosed. No gunshots were inflicted, but the child succumbed to trauma injuries, according to local police Sergeant Washington Moscoso.

Police reports show that Sancho has a history of severe mental illness and previous arrests involving child injury. She had been admitted to dedicated facilities for mental health treatment.

The bond for Sancho has been set at $1 million. Legal representation or pleas have not yet been confirmed.

Family members described the vibrant life of young Hosanna to local media, remembering her as an aspiring violinist who loved cartwheels and swimming. She had aspirations of becoming a cheerleader and was excited to take her first ride on a school bus– life milestones she will tragically never achieve.