Mom and daughter found stabbed to death at home

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A double stabbing tormented a Philadelphia neighborhood as two women, presumed to be a mother and daughter, were found dead in the basement of a residential property in Crescentville. Authorities found the two victims on Tuesday afternoon, following which an immediate police investigation was launched.

Responding to a call, police officers were brought to the scene of the incident, a home located in the 6000 block of Bingham Street, Northeast Philadelphia, just after 1:30 p.m. Investigators in the case discovered two women, a senior citizen aged 75 and a 58-year-old, both victims of heavy stab wounds. Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore of the Philadelphia Police Department suspected that a familial bond tied the two victims, with the older likely being the mother of the younger woman. Both victims were pronounced dead within minutes of the police arrival at 1:45 p.m.

As it currently stands, police have not confirmed an arrest in relation to the case, nor have they determined a concrete motive for the crime. As stated by Vanore, the inquiry’s initial stages involve gathering statements from neighbours and family members. Although it’s too early to rule out any possibilities, Vanore hinted that the facts do not immediately suggest a home invasion scenario.

According to the Deputy Commissioner, authorities were only capable of entering the property due to the assistance of a neighbor since the doors were found to be locked. Speaking to one of the victims’ neighbours, Jack Burkhart, it was learned that both women were ‘very nice people,’ with a conversation as recent as the previous day with the elderly victim.

The incident is currently under the Philadelphia Police Department’s homicide unit’s jurisdiction. As the investigation progresses, officers were observed towing two Volvo SUVs from the area on Tuesday evening and carefully surveying the neighbourhood. The department plans to incorporate home videos from residences on Bingham Street as part of their investigation procedures, as mentioned by Vanore.