Mom arrested after trying to sell her toddler for $500

PALATKA, FL – A woman was arrested on charges of child abuse, child neglect, and child abandonment after allegedly trying to sell her 18-month-old daughter for $500. These disturbing details were confirmed in a statement from the Palatka Police Department.

Jessica Woods, 33, was loitering around a business in Palatka with her young girl. When a member of staff approached to see if Woods needed help, she responded with a distressing proposition. “Woods told the citizen she did not need anything but, offered to sell the child to the citizen for $500,” the department disclosed.

After her offer was turned down, Woods allegedly walked away, leaving her child with the employee. Without a moment’s hesitation, the staff swiftly brought the young child to the Palatka Police Department.

The young girl received continuous care from police officers and the agency’s Victim Advocate until the Department of Children and Families could take custody of her. The child has now been placed in foster care.

Woods was arrested on March 7 following detectives successfully obtaining an arrest warrant. She is currently detained at the Putnam County Jail with a bond set at $255,000.

The case is on hold as the charges are pending review from the office of Florida State Attorney R.J. Larizza. A representative noted that Woods won’t be arraigned in court until the information is successfully filed.