Mom arrested for 4-year-old daughter’s death

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – A mother in Jennings has been detained following the drug-related death of her young daughter over the weekend. As per the St. Louis County Police Department’s court papers, the tragic incident took place a bit past 6:20 p.m. on Cozens Avenue.

Paramedics found four-year-old Sanaa Riggins unresponsive, exhibiting signs of a drug overdose, in her father’s bed. Despite being hastily taken to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, she was declared dead shortly before 7:30 p.m. The authorities reportedly found multiple heroin capsules in the residence.

Despite the presence of drugs, Riggins’ father did not present any indications of drug use. He was the legal guardian of the child due to the mother’s history of drug misuse. According to the investigators, the child tested positive for a controlled substance at birth.

Christina Huntspon, the 32-year-old mother, allegedly admitted to struggling with severe drug addiction and consuming heroin at the house on the morning of the incident. She accepted that her substance misuse possibly caused her daughter’s death.

Following the incident, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has charged Huntspon with first-degree child endangerment leading to death. She is currently detained with a set cash-only bond of $500,000.