Mom confesses to police that her missing 4-year-old daughter has been dead for weeks

A disturbing account has emerged from the mother of a missing 4-year-old girl, Sequoia Samuels, who went missing from her North Memphis home last Thursday. According to a police statement, the mother confessed that her daughter had been dead for weeks following an attack by her boyfriend. It’s reported that they kept the child’s remains in garbage bags inside their home.

The search for the little girl, who had a feeding tube, started with her disappearance from her Caldwell Avenue residence. The last sighting of Sequoia was on security footage, showing her leaving her house the night before she was reported missing.

The child’s mother, Brittany Jackson, and her boyfriend, Jaylon Hobson, originally reported Sequoia as missing. Jackson initially told the police that she had seen her daughter last at around 11:45 p.m. before putting her to bed. The next day, she discovered her daughter missing when she woke up.

However, a twist in the story came on Friday when Jackson, during an interview with the Homicide Bureau, confessed to providing a false statement. According to Jackson, Hobson had physically attacked Sequoia on multiple occasions. The last attack left the child unconscious, and neither Hobson nor Jackson made any effort to get medical aid.

In a chilling revelation, it’s alleged that Hobson placed Sequoia’s body in garbage bags, which were kept in the house until Thursday. Following this, the bags were disposed of in a garbage container outside the apartment.

Following these claims, a search warrant was executed at the Caldwell Avenue address. The child’s remains were discovered and are believed to belong to Sequoia. Clothing found with the remains matched the mother’s description.

Despite these allegations, Hobson has denied any involvement in Sequoia’s death. Court records show he had active charges from a separate incident in May, where he was arrested with Jackson and allegedly found in possession of six guns and marijuana. The court proceedings for this case are still underway.

Brittany Jackson is now charged with Aggravated Child Abuse-Neglect, Abuse of a Corpse, and False Offense Report, while Jaylon Hobson is charged with False Offense Report.