Mom found with kitchen knife stuck in her head

In a shocking incident in Brownsburg, Indiana, a woman was discovered alive with a kitchen knife embedded in her head after she was allegedly stabbed multiple times by her son. Susan Early, 59, was found on her front lawn with the large knife still lodged into her skull. She also had several additional stab wounds when the police arrived at her home on Monday afternoon.

Remarkably, Early remained “alert and conscious” despite her severe injuries. She informed the officers that her 31-year-old son, Kyle Braun, had allegedly assaulted and beaten her in her kitchen before running away from the scene shortly before 12:30 p.m.

Neighbors, who had come to Early’s aid when she emerged from her home screaming, directed the police toward the direction Braun had fled. Early was immediately transported to the Eskanazi Hospital in Indianapolis in critical condition, where she underwent emergency surgery.

After a thorough search of the neighborhood, the police apprehended Braun. He received brief treatment for minor injuries to his hands at the hospital before being arrested on charges of attempted murder.

Braun also faces a charge of battery by bodily waste on an officer. He received this charge after allegedly spitting on a police officer during his arrest.

Brownsburg Police Captain Jennifer Barrett revealed that Braun had recently escaped a mental health facility in Ohio and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Barrett also suggested that Braun’s mental health and anger issues likely played a role in his alleged attack on his mother.

Currently, Braun is being held in Hendricks County Jail without bond.