Mom stabbed to death in front of her 8-year-old child

HOUSTON, TX – The Houston Police Department (HPD) faces scrutiny surrounding the response time to a fatal domestic dispute. The victim, identified as Robin Simpson, was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband, Michael Simpson Jr., in front of their eight-year-old daughter.

Amid this tragedy, Simpson’s family is seeking transparency from the police regarding their response time to the emergency call she made at around four in the morning on the day she died. Simpson had called 911, reporting that her husband was brandishing a knife and threatening both her and their young child.

It was the couple’s terrified daughter who informed arriving officers about her father attacking her mother, prompting the police to enter the residence. Tragically, it was too late for the victim, who succumbed to her injuries.

Following the incident, Michael Simpson Jr., who also inflicted stab wounds on himself, was arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault on their daughter. He is currently under medical care and will be transferred to prison upon recovery.

Robin Simpson, sadly missed turning 50 this month, was known for her role as a dedicated social worker, loving mother, and admirable Delta sorority member. Despite the horrifying circumstances of her demise, her family and friends are determined to honor her life in her hometown, Philadelphia.