Murder-suicide at vet clinic leaves two people dead

SARASOTA, FL – A tragic incident unfolded at a Sarasota veterinary hospital on Wednesday evening, resulting in two deaths believed to be a murder-suicide, as reported by local authorities. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office received a distress call around 5:10 p.m., alerting them to a potential shooter within the KindVet of Sarasota Urgent Care.

Upon arriving at the scene, investigators discovered two individuals, one of whom was the suspected shooter, both suffering from gunshot wounds. Regrettably, the suspect was declared deceased at the location, while the victim was rushed to Sarasota Memorial Hospital but succumbed to their injuries.

The suspect is thought to be a former employee of KindVet of Sarasota Urgent Care, according to the sheriff’s office. Authorities have noted the existence of a social media post preceding the incident, hinting at a potential connection.

Gale Hanscom, the mother of one of the employees present during the shooting, recounted receiving a text message from her daughter, who was in hiding within the facility. Hanscom expressed her immense relief upon reuniting with her daughter, emphasizing her child’s composure during the traumatic event.

Hanscom revealed that her daughter overheard a heated argument between the former employee and a doctor before six gunshots rang out. In the face of danger, she quickly dialed 911. Hanscom commended her daughter’s poise and foresight, acknowledging her brave actions.

The investigation into this harrowing incident is ongoing. In a subsequent update, authorities disclosed that the suspect entered the establishment through the front entrance, locking it from within before carrying out the tragic act. Three other individuals inside the animal hospital managed to escape unharmed through the rear exit, subsequently summoning assistance.

A pre-shooting post on the animal hospital’s Facebook page appeared to be a forewarning of the impending tragedy. Although the post has since been removed, it is considered a possible link to the incident, according to the sheriff’s office.