‘New Normal’? Another Covid Wave Surges This Summer As Immunity Wears Off

This Covid wave might be the start of our ‘new normal,’ experts say—here’s what you need to know – CNBC

The latest surge in COVID-19 cases is different than previous upticks. The Biden administration’s top COVID official that this is because of vaccines and the antiviral pill Paxlovid.

Experts are unable to predict the trajectory of the current wave, including how and when it will end.

The omicron wave in December and January is fading away, allowing omicron and its subvariants to make their rounds again. Many people aren’t taking particularly strict Covid precautions anymore, which may be contributing to the rising cases.

The current omicron wave is more like a series of mini waves that come and go, making it difficult to tamp down. The U.S. case load of Covid-19 could eventually fall back to its early-March levels, or it could become an endemic virus.

Moderna announced results suggesting its COVID vaccine is more effective than the one currently available, and a panel of FDA vaccine experts recommended approval of yet another COVID vaccine.

Despite the availability of vaccines and treatments, physician Ashish Jha said it’s still too early to think of COVID like the flu. He added that the government is taking an active, aggressive approach to keeping hospitalizations down.

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