New York activist stabbed to death on the street in front of his girlfriend

BROOKLYN, NY – A man has been apprehended and charged in connection with the fatal stabbing of Ryan Carson, a well-known Brooklyn activist, according to law enforcement sources. The suspect, Brian Dowling, is facing charges of murder with depraved indifference and criminal possession of a weapon. Dowling is scheduled to appear in court later this week.

Law enforcement sources revealed that detectives were conducting a search at Dowling’s residence when he arrived. During the search, they discovered a sweatshirt, believed to be the one Dowling was wearing during the stabbing, as captured in surveillance footage. A knife was also found, which is now undergoing testing to determine if it was the murder weapon.

Carson, 31, was tragically killed while waiting for a bus with his girlfriend. The attack seemed to be random and unprovoked. Carson bravely positioned himself between his girlfriend and the attacker, ultimately losing his life. NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny confirmed that there were no previous encounters between Carson, his girlfriend, and the suspect.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect suddenly kicking mopeds and bikes, then confronting Carson. The suspect is seen drawing a knife, and as Carson attempted to retreat, he tripped over a bench. While on the ground, the suspect stabbed Carson.

Despite the progress in the investigation, Carson’s friends and family are devastated. They remember him as a passionate advocate for change. Blair Horner, Carson’s former employer at the New York Public Interest Research Group, described the loss as “incredibly tragic.” He added that Carson’s untimely death has left the world a worse place.

Carson is remembered for his selflessness and vibrant personality. He had a profound impact on many lives and was deeply committed to his work. He was particularly passionate about a grassroots initiative he started following the death of his best friend from a heroin overdose in 2016. Through his organization, No OD NY, Carson aimed to establish overdose prevention centers across the state, reflecting his enduring desire to make the world a better place.