Officer-involved shooting at Home Depot

A police shooting incident occurred at a Home Depot in Burbank on Saturday afternoon. The gunfire resulted in one fatality and triggered an investigation by the local department.

The Burbank Police Department reported that the episode unfolded around 4 p.m., initiated by a distressing 911 call. The caller, who was later identified as the deceased, alarmed the emergency services by revealing he was armed and parked in a car with the intention to open fire on people. The man even provided the emergency services with the specific details of his vehicle.

Upon reaching the scene, law enforcement officers found the man as described, still in his vehicle. The department’s official statement revealed that an abrupt verbal altercation ensued between the man and the officers, which escalated due to the suspect’s aggressive conduct.

The volatile situation led to the police resorting to the use of firearms.

The man was swiftly transported to Providence Holy Cross Trauma Center, where he later succumbed to his injuries. His identity has yet to be publicly disclosed as the investigation continues.

No police officers sustained injuries during the incident.