Ohio Woman Facing Eviction Notice Kills Family and Injures Daughter in Their Home

An Ohio woman has fatally shot her husband, son, and father and severely injured her daughter before taking her own life. It happened while the police arrived to deliver eviction papers for their foreclosed home.

Theresa Cain, 46, shot her 50-year-old husband, Steven Cain, to death. She also shot and killed their 13-year-old son, Ethan Cain, and her father, William Felton, 74. The shooting took place at their home in Ohio Township.

In addition, Theresa also shot her 20-year-old daughter, Samantha Cain, who remains in critical condition.

Authorities heard multiple gunshots from inside the home as they approached to serve the eviction notice. When they entered, they discovered four people shot dead and a fifth victim who was still alive.

A .38-caliber revolver was used by Cain to kill her husband, who was found on a sofa downstairs. Cain, along with the rest of her family members, were all found upstairs.

Sheriff Steve Leahy revealed that the eviction had been a result of a long history of financial problems, which Cain appeared to have kept hidden from her family members.

When the victims were killed, they were likely awake and aware of what was happening, investigators said. Officials believe they were killed minutes before police arrived at the scene.

The tragedy has left the New Richmond School District shaken, where both Cain children attended school. Ethan Cain was well-loved by the students and staff, according to the school district’s website Superintendent Tracey Miller.
Samantha Cain remains in a coma, but doctors have given her a good chance of survival.