Old man shoots and kills Uber driver on the job

COLUMBUS, OH – A scam phone call has tragically resulted in the shooting death of an unsuspecting Uber driver, which has now led to the arrest of an 81-year-old man in Ohio. The man, identified as William Brock, received a call from an individual claiming to require a significant sum of money to bail Brock’s incarcerated relative out of prison on March 25. As per the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the call quickly escalated into threats and a demand for money.

In a twist of fate, the scammer then used the Uber app to request a driver to go to Brock’s residence and pick up a package. The ill-fated task was given to driver, Loletha Hall, who was unaware of the threatening scam call received by Brock.

When Hall arrived at Brock’s residence to collect the package, the elderly man confronted her at gunpoint, demanding she identify the person who had called him earlier. Seizing her mobile phone to halt any calls, Brock reportedly refused to let her go. Hall, despite her ill health, attempted to return to her vehicle to escape, prompting Brock to shoot her. Officials said Brock shot Hall two more times after a struggle ensued at Hall’s vehicle’s door.

Brock, suffering injuries to his head and ear from the struggle, then dialed 911, alleging that he had shot a robber on his property. Upon deputies and medics’ arrival, Hall was discovered critically wounded with multiple gunshot injuries and was airlifted to Miami Valley Hospital. Unfortunately, she did not survive her surgery.

Charged with murder due to his failure to contact authorities when there was no immediate threat from Hall, Brock was arrested by police. The sheriff’s office has revealed that further charges may be forthcoming pending ongoing investigations into the scam call and the ensuing fatal shooting.