Owner of Dogs that Killed Elderly Man Arrested and Charged in Texas

The owner of two dogs that killed an elderly 81-year-old man and injured three others has been arrested in San Antonio, Texas.

The owner has since been arrested and charged with two felonies. Christian Alexander Moreno, 31, was arrested on Friday night by the San Antonio Police Department Covert Unit, and is being held on a $75,000 bond for the charge of attack by a dangerous dog causing death. He is also being held on a $50,000 bond due to the injury to an elderly individual charge.

The attack occurred on Friday afternoon when Ramon Najera, a US Air Force veteran, and his wife, Juanita Najera, went to visit a friend on the 2800 block of Depla Street. Upon arriving, they found that the person they were visiting was not home. As they were returning to their vehicle, the two blood-thirsty dogs escaped the fenced-in yard came running towards them, attacking Ramon and his wife.

Najera’s wife, who was critically injured in the attack, tried to help her husband but was also injured. A video taken by a witness captured the dogs “circling” Najera, who was laying face down on the ground. A bystander used a rake to try to get the dogs off of Najera, but the dogs attacked the bystander as well.

First responders were called to the scene and tried to fight the dogs off with their tools. An EMS captain was injured while trying to assist at the scene.

Despite the heroic efforts by the San Antonio Fire Department EMS to save Ramon, he died as a result of the dog attacks.

Moreno brought the dogs inside when he returned home. Later, the dogs were taken into custody by Animal Control Services. All of the dogs have since been euthanized.