Parents busted for torturing 6-year-old girl in dog cage

BROWNSVILLE, PA – Law enforcement in Pennsylvania has arrested a couple on charges of gravely abusing their six-year-old daughter and maintaining her in appalling living conditions. The arrests came following a police check at their residence in response to reports of an “unresponsive” child.

Jacob William Weight, 37, and Mimi Ann Frost, 33, were apprehended by Pennsylvania State Police on February 6. According to a department statement, they were confronted with allegations of maintaining a home environment teeming with dog excrement, urine, and garbage.

Disturbingly, the couple‚Äôs other children informed authorities that the six-year-old girl was kept in a dog cage, physically assaulted with a broom, and restrained with zip ties. Fayette County District Attorney Mike Aubele described the situation as one of “torture” following an investigation.

The victim was found malnourished with injuries and open wounds on her body, as detailed in a criminal complaint. Medical and dental problems had accumulated over the years due to a lack of pediatric care, a hospital report said.

Significantly, the child disclosed to a therapist that she was made to sleep in the dog cage daily and had to eat dog food. She alleged that her legs were repeatedly shot at with a BB gun.

Findings showed the child reportedly faced punishment if she tried to escape the cage in search of food. Unsurprisingly, Weight and Frost are now dealing with multiple charges, including assault on a minor, corruption of minors, involuntary servitude, strangulation, false imprisonment, and child endangerment. While they await trial without bail, Weight maintains his innocence despite the compelling evidence.