Pilot dies after suffering from medical emergency mid-flight inside plane’s bathroom

An unexpected death occurred on a flight from Miami to Chile earlier this week when a pilot experienced a medical emergency and passed away mid-flight. The airline, LATAM Airlines, confirmed that Flight LA505 was diverted to Panama due to the pilot’s condition. The airline expressed deep sadness and extended their condolences to the pilot’s family. The identity of the pilot has been revealed as Iván Andaur.

LATAM Airlines announced that Flight LA505, en route from Miami to Chile, was diverted to Panama on Monday due to a medical emergency involving one of the crew members. The pilot, who had been with the airline for 25 years, tragically passed away despite receiving further medical assistance upon landing at Tocumen International Airport. LATAM Airlines praised the pilot’s dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm throughout his distinguished career.

According to The Aviation Herald, the captain left the cockpit to use the restroom during the flight but did not return. Members of the cabin crew attempted to revive him while the plane made an emergency landing. LATAM Airlines stated that all necessary protocols were followed to save the pilot’s life during the flight. The plane landed at Tocumen International Airport at 11:36 p.m. local time after approximately three hours in the air.

After the emergency landing in Panama, the passengers on Flight LA505 were transported to Santiago, Chile, at 4 a.m. local time on Wednesday. LATAM Airlines ensured that the passengers reached their destination safely despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the pilot’s passing.

The cause of the pilot’s death has not been disclosed at this time. Authorities are currently conducting an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the medical event. LATAM Airlines has cooperated fully with the investigation.