Police footage shows officers being attacked with knives during domestic violence call

In a harrowing incident, Decatur police officers faced a life-threatening situation while responding to a domestic violence call, as demonstrated by bodycam footage released during a recent press conference.

Police Chief Shane Brandel showcased the videos, which capture the suspect, Steven L. Hirstein, forcefully breaking through a bathroom door and throwing a knife at the officers with one hand while holding another knife in the other hand.

Fortunately, the thrown knife did not strike any of the responding officers. Police fired their weapons in self-defense, subduing Hirstein in the process.

The 43-year-old suspect sustained multiple gunshot wounds from the altercation. He is now being held at the Macon County Jail after recovering from his injuries.

Hirstein has been preliminarily charged with the attempted murder of his 35-year-old girlfriend and aggravated battery to police. The woman had been stabbed multiple times after trying to protect her 14-year-old son from Hirstein’s violent assault.

Chief Brandel emphasized the importance of recognizing that Hirstein was armed with two knives during the confrontation, posing a continued threat to the officers even after hurling one of them.

Officers Dawson Roberts and Joe Oberheim were identified as the two who discharged their firearms during the incident. Both Officers Roberts and Oberheim will receive mental health counseling before resuming active duty.

In the aftermath of the event, the female victim and her teenage children are receiving assistance from social service agencies. Decatur Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe urged citizens to report instances of domestic violence involving adults or children.