Police investigate small-town father of five’s murder

The small town of Holly, Colorado, was shaken with the violent death of a local man, leading to a full-scale murder investigation. The Prowers County Sheriff’s Office identified the victim as Anthony Contreras, a father of five.

Initial contact with the Sheriff’s office on May 31st started with a harassment call at around 5:48 p.m. concerning an incident at 374 W. Colorado Street. Deputies dispatched to the location interacted with the involved parties, but cooperation was sparse and no charges were filed.

However, a second call made just before 8 p.m. threw the day’s events into a startling new light. This call indicated that one of the individuals involved in the earlier incident had returned to the Colorado Street location. Mere minutes after the second call, a distressing report of gunfire was received.

When the deputies reached the scene at 8:16 p.m., they discovered the lifeless body of Contreras.

In the immediate aftermath, Jesse Lunsford, 26, and James Lunsford, 24, were arrested and are facing murder charges in connection with Contreras’s death.