Police officer shot while trying to capture murder suspect

A police officer and a murder suspect were both injured in a shooting incident that took place in Whittier, California. The incident occurred during an attempt to apprehend the suspect who was wanted by the authorities. The officer and the suspect were both taken to the hospital and are both reportedly in stable condition.

On Monday evening, the shooting incident unfolded in Whittier near the intersection of Pickering Avenue and Penn Street. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported that Whittier police officers were conducting surveillance on a man suspected of being involved in a murder that took place in Santa Fe Springs on Sunday. The officers initiated a traffic stop. However, the suspect fled on foot and discarded his handgun that was used in the incident. He has been identified by authorities as Edgar Gonzalez.

The pursuit led the officers to a location between two apartment complexes, where the shooting ultimately occurred. During the chase, the shooting suspect surrendered and was taken into custody. Both Gonzalez and the officer sustained gunshot wounds and were transported to the hospital. Their conditions are currently stable.

Residents in the area were startled by the sound of gunfire, with some initially mistaking it for fireworks. Alexis Martinez, one of the nearby residents, stated that she and her husband heard the pops and questioned whether they were gunshots or fireworks. Additional neighbors claimed to have heard at least 10 gunshots during the incident.

Whittier Mayor’s update on the injured officer’s condition. While the officer’s identity has not been disclosed, Vinatieri stated that the officer was in “good spirits.”