Police search newlywed couple’s home and find the wife’s decapitated head

According to the Waller County sheriff, Texas authorities have charged a young husband in the “gruesome” murder of his wife. The pair had been married for less than four months.

Sheriff Troy Guidry said the body of the 21-year-old Hispanic woman was discovered in the home, but her head had not been found.

In an interview with reporters on Thursday, he shared, “it was a portion of a body, dismembered, and a residence that was covered in blood — a gruesome scene, at best.”

A police officer interviewed Jared Dicus, 21, and he confessed to the killing, Guidry said.

Although authorities have not identified the wife, a county judge who married the couple on Oct. 21 identified her as Anggy Diaz. In a social media post, he thanked them for allowing him to be present in their union.

The severed head of Diaz was found on the property alongside a knife that was believed to be the murder weapon.

Dicus’ family members called deputies to the couple’s home in a rural area northwest of Houston Wednesday afternoon. They lived in a small cottage behind the husband’s parents’ house.

The victim was believed dead since around 11 pm the night before her remains were discovered.

A sheriff described the young wife as an “undocumented” Nicaraguan citizen.

In her social media posts, she showed she was active in fitness and often posted photos of her and Dicus together.